Our Decks

Your private deck will become your own outdoor living area on beautiful warm days at the Webster House. You can dine al fresco, stargaze, read, discuss your plans for the day or unwind after a day at the beach. The comfortable and spacious interior of your suite will be further enhanced by these beautiful and tropical decks.

The deck furniture is top quality and your sitting areas are shaded by umbrellas. Berny also adds cushions to insure your comfort. Tropical plants of all kinds create an intriquing setting of horticultural splendor. The mature trumpet vine creates a tunnel effect at the entrance steps which welcomes you home each day as it's vines and flowers sway in the breezes. Other tropical plantings include mandevilla vine, passion vine, hibiscus, princess flower, allamanda, bouganvillea, new guinea impatiens and that is only the begining. Each deck has its own horticultural signature created by Harry. He will pass by now and then with his pruners, grooming, changing and nurturing your garden. All you will need is your favorite beverage and a comfortable chair to enjoy your own outdoor retreat.

If you choose to leave your deck, Berny's bistro area is available for all to enjoy. Our rusticly paved courtyard area is a place to meet other quests, socialize, relax to island music, read, catch up on gossip, rate the restaurants, play games and have fun!

If you're a gardener, bring your pictures and questions along and take a break from your relaxing vacation to discuss some horticulture! We love to hear about your gardens and exchange ideas!